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FiLo Festival
JULY 10, 2021

Before the lights
go down,

somebody washes the glasses…
somebody stocks the bar…
somebody gets the box office ready…
somebody drives the busses and trucks…
somebody loads in and out the gear…
somebody sets up and breaks down the stage…
somebody runs the show…
somebody makes sure everybody is safe…
somebody cleans up after everyone is gone…
somebody pays those bodies for a job well done…
somebody could be you… Let's rock together and help!
An online streaming broadcast benefitting the road crews and support staff of live events, touring artists, and independent venues


Live broadcast starts at 5:00PM PST / 8:00 EST




we are


Without somebody, there is no show.
For a year, somebody has NOT been able to do their job.
For a year, somebody has NOT been paid.

Somebody needs our help!
Let’s take care of somebody!

This  event will be an opportunity for the music industry to take care of the personnel that have been taking care of the artists for decades.
Everyone involved in this show has worked on the road.  Travelling from city to city to ensure a smooth live performance for the fans and the artists.  This is a tribute to live music.  The memories, the thrill, the excitement, and the people who dedicate their lives to making it happen.
100% of the Net Proceeds from this show will be granted to the independent contractors and people that work on demand to bring live entertainment to life.  From the guitar tech to the ticket takers, these people have been out of work for over a year and let’s show them how much we appreciate their work and dedication.
Our roster of artists came together to show support and love to the crew members that bring the stage to life. We have artists from an assortment of genres to showcase live music for what it is: a great time.  While there will be some live recording and specially recorded content for this show, our event will cover a journey into what is live music, sharing what it is like to be on the road.


For every $10 you donate you'll get the FiLo Commemorative NFT, you'll be able to gift them to your friends and more!


Bob Weir
Dave Schools


We are raising funds and creating a private stimulus to help as many industry personnel in need as possible.  100% of all net proceeds will go to the displaced road crews and support staff of musicians.
The first in and last out: the crews show up early in the morning and don’t go home until late at night.  Making sure the show is safe, on point, and sounding amazing for the what these crews work 12 hour+ days to achieve.  With live music shut down, many have faced hard circumstances that we are coming in to help!
Managing a venue can be a struggle...during COVID we all struggled.  Supporting the iconic venues that add to the magic of hearing your favorite music live is part of the goal.  Other venues that have fared the storm well are donating their time and space to making this event a success.
Bands and Artists depend on the support of various artists to make a show be the best it can be:  dancers, back-up musicians, a special instrument to amplify your favorite song.  These amazing individuals have dedicated their life to perfecting their art, and while COVID has them on the side lines, we want to come in a support for a brighter future.


Bob Weir
Widespread Panic
Sammy Hagar
David Crosby
lee brice
Billy Strings
Colin Hay
Dave Schools
Stephen Perkins
John Bell
Ryan Adams
Jimmy Vivino
George Porter Jr.
John Popper
Butch Vig
G Love & Special Sauce
Tower of Power
Blackberry Smoke
Wally Ingram
bobby keys
los lobos
Slightly Stoopid
jim lauderdale
Billy Harris
Robert Walter
Papa Mali
Hard Working Americans
neal casal
Emma Negrete
Leftover Salmon
Frank Orrall
Mwenso and The Shakes
Tom Freund
Eric Krasno
Puddles pity party
Tree Adams
Casa Del Sol
Eric McFadden
Kate Vargas
charles hambleton
acid tongue
Ada Pasternak
mikhail laxton
Gretchen Rhodes
chris king & the gutter balls
Louise Goffin
The Signal
Anne Mccue
Laura Kimpton
Freedy Johnston
The Well Known Strangers
Brothers Keeper
shania shepherd
Naked giants
*Line up is subject to change


Brooklyn Bowl
New York, NY
Brooklyn Bowl
Nashville, TN
Instrument Heads Studios
Nashville, TN
The Capitol Theater
New York, NY
New Orleans, LA
Social Sanctuary
Los Angeles, CA
Maui Arts and Cultural Center
Hawaii, HI
Hawaii Theater
Oahu, HI
TRI Studios
San Francisco, CA
San Francisco, CA
Alabama Theater
Birmingham, AL
Shakedown Bar
Vail, CO
Boulder Theater
Boulder, CO
Tractor Tavern
Seattle, WA
Belly Up
Solana Beach, CA
Carlsbad , CA
*If you have a venue that would like to support or be a part of the event, please contact us!

THE crew

About the FiLo Fest Producers
FiLo Fest is a new kind of event - a combination of a live and virtual event that is raising the bar to unparallelled heights!

It will be a Paradigm Shifting Broadcast...
Dave Precheur
  • David Precheur has produced over 3500+ events in his life and is proud to be an Executive Producer for the 2021 FiLo Festival.
  • He started his career in 1988 managing the multi-Platinum, Grammy winning musical artist Blues Traveler.
  • David has also been the director of VIP and pioneer of high ticket premium experiences for the following events: Bonaroo, Vegoose, Rothbury, Outside Lands, New Orleans Jazz Festival, Art Basel, Sundance Film Festival, X-Games, Ultra Festival, Coachella Burning Man and more.
Chris McCutcheon
  • Chris McCutcheon entered the music business in 1992 when he became a partner in Modulus Guitars at the invitation Bob Weir. This began a long friendship/working partnership with Bob that culminated in taking on the CEO role of TRI Studios in 2012.
  • In 2012 and 2013, he co-produced two of the largest live streams in history with Yahoo.
  • He has spent a considerable part of his life on the road both as a fan and with Bob and understands the vital need to take care of the most important people in the room, those that make the show happen.
Murphy Poindexter
  • Murphy Poindexter has extensive experience in the startup sphere, with particular expertise in business development and financial management.
  • His multi-faceted career has spanned a diverse array of industries in both the U.S. and Japan, including alternative energy, real estate, technology and app development, project finance, and structured finance involving private and public equities, more recently music and touring.
  • Murphy has founded and launched a number of his own companies and worked on multiple other startups in a management capacity.
Justin Kreutzmann
  • Justin Kreutzmann was born to the world of art, music, and the highly creative if unconventional world of the Grateful Dead.
  • Justin has worked on a number of high profile projects with music legends such as U2, Motley Crue, John Mayer, Emmylou Harris, Grateful Dead, The Who, and many more.
  • Justin was executive producer on the feature film, The Other One: The Long Strange Trip of Bob Weir and is a producer, along with Martin Scorsese, on the Grateful Dead documentary, Long Strange Trip.
  • In 2021 Justin is a co-producer of a Bill Walton documentary for ESPN and his film, “LET THERE BE DRUMS!” will make its world premiere.
We have partnered with Sweet Relief to modify their established grant application process to cover those music industry contract workers out of work due to the pandemic. We will cover crews that go on the road with bands and those that keep the clubs running around the country. In 1994 Sweet Relief Musicians Fund was incorporated as a 501C3 nonprofit charity and has since been offering vital assistance to professional musical artists in need. Many prominent musicians, professionals and music fans have contributed enthusiastically to Sweet Relief. Benefits have been performed in venues from Miami to Seattle, with performances donated by many established and emerging artists. Nightclubs, concert halls, radio stations, record labels, restaurants, clothing and shoe companies, music retailers, athletes, actors, corporations, foundations and music fans have all participated with Sweet Relief to assist struggling musicians.
Formed in mid-April 2020, just three weeks into the pandemic’s shutdown, NIVA now consists of more than 3,000 venues, promoters, and festivals representing every state, Washington, D.C., and Guam. With the support of its members and their fans, the organization successfully launched a nationwide movement to #SaveOurStages, pulling together voices big and small to save independent venues and promoters on the brink of collapse due to COVID-19 shutdowns. Legislation was the driving focus, but there has been so much more.

Nick Benavides
Brooke Byers
Shannon Tobin
Leah Forester & William Johnson
Mick Hellman
Roger MacNamee
Laura Kimpton
Jeff Prince
Patrick Callabro

For Humanity

Kerin McGibben
Trisha Hilder

Everywhere Apparel
Irys Kornbluth
Nick Benavides
Max Citron
Ted Isla

Jacqueline Sabec
Mitch Thrower
Tony Finn
Taka Rosales

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